Why Are Children So Obseesed With Hair Transplant

When to Call the Dermatologist

Why Are Children So Obseesed With Hair Transplant

Hair loss has become such a common factor among the population these days. Both men and women are getting affected. More than 80% of the people,of all ages,are suffering from hair loss directly or indirectly. The reasons for hair loss can be many in number. Some of the common reasonsare stress, health of the patient, lifestyle, hair care routine and even due to any internal health issue like thyroid and PCOD.


Many people take this issue of falling hair very lightly and think of fixing it on their own. In case anyone is suffering from hair loss or any disease-causing hair loss, they must understand how important it is to visit a dermatologist in any skin clinic. Dermatologists are the specialist who can perform certain tests and can clarify the main cause of hair fall. Getting right medicines at right time is very important in case of any disease.


It is said that the beauty lies within but does it being practice by everyone. People who are suffering from different issue causing hair loss, generally get bullied or taunted by the people around them. Everyone always make them realize that they are not good enough which is completely wrong because it breaks the person from within. They lose confidence and self-esteem. Many people of all ages who suffer from hair loss, feel lost among the society members.


There are many ways to cure hair loss. There are some surgical and nonsurgical treatments. The surgical methods include hair transplant and hair implant, etc whereas non-surgical methods include wigs and hair patches, etc. The people having high treatment budgets mostly prefer surgical methods as they are more painless, high in price and takes more time.


The question arises that why people are so attracted to get hair transplant specially children. Now a days, if you look around yourself, you will also notice that most of the people are obsessed for looking good especially the children. Everybody wants to get model figure and get fitter and fitter. People suffering from baldness have made in their minds that if they don’t cure their condition, they will not be acceptedby the society. Mostly children are affected by such mindset because of which they start lacking in their curriculum and presence in the social gatherings. They go to schools and look everyone as “perfect” other than them. This feeling makes them feel uncomfortable.


Children suffering from baldness wants to treat that immediately. That is why most of the children choose to get a hair transplant at the lower ages, so that they don’t get to face humiliation from theirpeers. It is also estimated that 10-80% of the transplanted hair, will fully grow within 3 to 4 months. So, children believe that their condition will get better after this treatment.But it’s not true in every case. They must understand that this treatment method does not work for everyone and there are certain side effects like infection, bleeding, swelling, scalp pain, etc.