10 Ways To Learn Hair Removal Effectively

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10 Ways To Learn Hair Removal Effectively

Hair removal is a subject of strong and different opinions. Everyone has their own thoughts regarding this topic. Some people say that hair removal in not a good practice whereas some people consider it as a part of their hygiene routine. Some say that hair removal must be done in a specific way to avoid other health complications whereas some consider various options for it.


There are so many methods of removing hair like shaving, threading and waxing, etc. one can choose any technology which they feel is right and overwhelming. But when it comes to the right method, which could prevent you from other side effects, no one really knows it.

Here are the top 10 ways to learn hair removal efficiently:


1- Shaving:

In this process a sharp razor is used to cut the hair off from the skin’s surface. This method is best for light and fine hair. A very sharp blade will affect the shave quality and will cause a lot of discomfort. It is a painless and inexpensive method but is only useful for short duration of time.


2- Waxing:

It is an old age method which works by putting hot wax over the unwanted hair and then use a cloth or strip to rip hair out. It works well with hard and coarse hair. It is a painful and time taking method but the hair grows back very slowly.


3- Sugaring:

It is similar to waxing. A warm gel or paste is applied to your skin, then “sugar” is removedby a cotton and muslin strip. Sugaring paste is generally made up of natural ingredients like honey, sugar, lemon hence causes less harm to your skin.


4- Threading:

A cotton thread is used to twist around and then pull the hair from the roots. It is a typical choice for upper-lips, eyebrows and other smaller regions. It is inexpensive and quick method.


5- Depilatory creams:

These are the chemically-based creams which remove the hair by breaking down their structure. It is applied on unwanted hair and then removed after 5-10 minutes with the help of warm washcloth. It is a quick and painless method but the results don’t last long.


6- Laser hair removal:

It is the closest methodtopermanent hair removal. ‘Laser’ here means intense light. This method causes the risk of burn which is why it must be performed only by trained professionals. It is a very costly method and requires numerous sittings.


7- Electrolysis:

This method involves insertion of fine needles into the hair shaft and destroying the cells.It is a painful and costly method.


8- Cold wax:

It is similar to waxing, the wax used is at room temperature. It is not a very effective method.


9- Epilators:

These are the devices which are used to remove unwanted hair by pulling them from roots.


10- Ubtan:

It is a homemade remedy which is mostly made from rice, turmeric, etc. they are applied on unwanted hair and then rubbed.