The Modern Rules Of Acne Treatment

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The Modern Rules Of Acne Treatment

There are more than 3000 skin diseases persisting among today’s population and acne is one of them. Acne is the most common skin disease. About 60% of the population is facing problem from acne. Most of the people still don’t take it as a serious disease but for some it has become a nightmare. Most of the acne cases are caused due to unhealthy eatinghabits and environment pollution. People with acne fear to go out in social gatherings. They prefer to hide themselves and to prevent themselves from criticism.


Before curing the acne it’s very important to understand how they are caused. When hair follicle openings are clogged with oil and dead skin, they get infected by bacteria and forms a pimple with pus at its tip. Acne are mainly of 5 types, mild acne, acne with scarring, inflammatory acne, comedonal acne and acne cosmetica. Different people suffer from different types of acne and it can be caused by several reasons that is why it is very important to identify what’s causing your acne in order to follow proper treatment.


There are many treatment methods available for acne in the market. There are some modern rules which must be followed in order to achieve a healthy glowing skin.


If someone has an oily skin or if someone is prone to breakouts then they are suggested to wash their face several number of times in a day. It is advised to wash the face at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Only mild cleansers must be preferred as harsh ones can cause irritation and redness. If someone wants to put moisturizer, then they should go for moisturizers labelled with “lightweight” must be used greasiness and heaviness on the skin. Make sure to look for a moisturizer that’s noncomedogenic, they won’t clog the pores of the skin.


Always wash your hands before applying anything on the skin. Choose good skin care products. Don’t just choose cheaper ones. Try to read about the ingredients present in them. Applying too many skin products which are not necessary must also be avoided as these skin products will clog the pores of your skin and will increase the problem. Even the equipment’s which are used on face must be properly washed every week example razor, makeup brushes, etc as they can also cause infection.


Some daily habits related to lifestyle must also be monitored as they may be interrelated to acne. One must choose healthy eating options. Studies show that acnes are related to gycemic index. One must try to control sugar consumption. If someone feel stressful, they must look for healthy ways to reduce it. Studies show that smoking can also be related to acne problems so avoid it and instead of that one must try to relax yourself by doing breathing exercises, yoga, meditation etc.Insufficient sleep can also cause skin breakdown, aim to get at least 7 - 9 hours of quality sleep every night.