7 Shocking Facts About Dermatologist

When to Call the Dermatologist

7 Shocking Facts About Dermatologist

Skin is the largest organ of humanbody; dermatology is a department which ensures that everything skin deep is healthy and is functioning well. Both medical and surgical aspects are included within it. They manage disorders and diseases which requires studying, researching, diagnosing, managing and treating the health issues related to skin, nail, hair and other cosmetic problems.Like there is a doctor for every body part and everyone wants to get treated from them only similarlydermatologists are the professionals who look after our health related to hair, skin, scalp and nails. They are well trained experts who are certified to test and curepeople suffering fromproblemsrelated to these body parts. There are more than 30,000 diseases related to skin, scalp and nails but diseases related to these body parts are not taken seriously by a lot percentage of people. Many people are unaware of all the things a dermatologist can help them with. There are many diseases which can be cured by dermatologists like rashes, acne, skin redness, etc.


These days with the occurrence of so many skin problems, we all need someone who has  knowledge and is capable of telling us what is right and what is wrongas well as to tell the methods with which we can take care of ourselves. Although primary care doctors can also help with general health issues but to get more correct treatment, it is always advised to visit a medical professional who isspecifically trained in that particular field. This is why we need dermatologists.


Now let’s discuss the 7 shocking facts about dermatologists.


  1. Most of the people think that dermatologists can only treat people with acne only but this fact is completely not true. They can treat people with all sorts of diseases including rosacea, eczema, hives, psoriasis and redness, etc. It is studied that almost 50 million Americans are suffering from most common skin diseases and acne is one of the most common diseaseamong all.
  2. Dermatologists also offer natural therapies which might consist single or various sittings depending upon the type of treatment one is taking. These treatments are at minimal charges and have no side effects. It mainly uses natural ingredients like honey, milk, rose water and coffee.
  3. Their job is not only to treat skins. Dermatologists also take part in many major operations. They are required where ever a problem occurs related to skin.
  4. Dermatologists have the full knowledge of the complete human body. They are thought everything because it is essential to know how the human body works and how it might react to any disease.
  5. Some dermatologists also provide free consultations. Anyone can come and get free advice from them.
  6. Dermatologists also need to study from time to time to learn about new diseases or new They always need to be in learning mode.
  7. Although they have all the knowledge about human body, studies show that they also suffer from many diseases.