Acne Treatment for Women

When to Call the Dermatologist

Acne Treatment For Women

Most of the women who are dealing with acne must have tried almost every solution, different types of lotions, portions and serums that are available in the market. It gets very difficult to find out the best and effective acne treatment. One must know it’s root cause before starting the treatment. Here are some basic easy tips to be followed:

Go easy: Avoid rubbing your face. It’s very important to resist picking of the zit as it exposes the pores to more bacteria and increases the chance of infection.

Cleanliness: Make sure that you are using clean towels. Always wash your hands before applying anything on the skin. Equipment’s which are used on face must be properly washed every week like makeup brushes etc.

Check your products: Check the ingredients and their quantity in the products that you use. Every face and skin need a special treatment and hence a special set of ingredients. One must look for the products containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulphur and retinoids etc. It’s important to understand that every product is not going to work for everyone and many products might take some weeks to show a noticeable effect.

Exfoliators: You can choose either physical exfoliant or chemical exfoliant. This step helps you keeping your pores clear and removing clogs which helps in preventing breakouts. Often exfoliation may result in dry and flaky skin. 3 to 4 times a week is considered to be enough but one must do it depending on their individual skin type.

Spot treatment: It’s an effect way of treating acne but people having sensitive skin must be careful as it is little harsh. This method helps in killing the bacteria which are responsible for acne. Look for the products containing benzoyl peroxide.

Fight inflammation: Pimples are caused due to clogging of pores but when these pimples get infected with bacteria, they get swollen, reddish, and very painful. In such case you must look for products containing both soothing as well as ace fighting ingredients. Aloe and oatmeal are some of the soothing ingredients.

Oral medicines: Many of the acne problems are caused due to some inner body issues like hormonal and they need to be cured from inside. To get the best treatment, you must visit a dermatologist, who might give you some oral medications on the basis of your test reports. Most of the dermatologists give oral retinoids like isotretinoin to fight acne.

Healthy eating: Choose healthy eating options and avoid too much consumption of sugar, Studies show that acnes are related to gycemic index. Avoid smoking.

Physical activity: In this busy and stressful world, one must take out some time for exercise, meditation or yoga. This will help you improve you blood circulation and will help in fastening the treatment process.

Sleeping cycle: You must follow a healthy sleeping cycle; Insufficient sleep can also cause skin breakdown. One must aim to sleep at least 7 - 9 hours of quality sleep each night.